First Time for Everything!

Me and My Charges :)

My Charges and I enjoying a great day of training!

So here it is! My first blog post. These posts are going to be about my daily life with the dogs, and since I have a dog with me, almost everywhere I go, you will get a great insight into my life. I live a very unique life and have a very unique job. This suits me fine, something different everyday. I was not made to have a “normal” job. Luckily for me, I fell into a tub of butter when I got a job at Cabin Creek Kennel. I have a few things that need to be done everyday, but other than that, I make my own schedule. I spend most days playing with dogs and talking to people. I have several dogs of my own (ok more than several, but that topic is going to get a post all it’s own) and I also train client dogs. I also like to dabble in photography, which luckily I can take a few pictures of dogs and call it part of my job 🙂

Floyd and Reba. You'll be getting to know them better in future posts!

Floyd and Reba. You’ll be getting to know them better in future posts!

I am very lucky! My time is my own and I get to enjoy everyday to the fullest. My boss, Stonnie (also deserving of posts all his own 🙂 ) encourages me to think freely, learn as much as I can about topics that interest me and will help me in the future, and lets me be as creative as I want to be. That’s how this blog was born. My days are very interesting and I want to share that with anyone who wants to read about them. I hope my posts encourage you to pursue dreams that you never thought possible and just because people look at you funny (which happens to me all the time!) it doesn’t mean that you are wrong; maybe they are just afraid that you are right! I live a very unconventional lifestyle and I know even the people closest to me don’t always understand me, and that’s fine. They love me for me, whether they get me or not. I hope that whoever reads my posts will see that it’s ok to be you, even if everyone else looks at you like your crazy!

Little Deacon. My new sensible dog :) I'll explain what a "sensible dog" is in my next post.

Little Deacon. My new sensible dog 🙂 I’ll explain what a “sensible dog” is in my next post.

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