Under Amour as Maternity Wear!

At just over 7 months pregnant, I’m admitting that my clothes aren’t fitting quite like they use too…. Alright they haven’t fit for a while, but the dogs still need to be worked and it’s the middle of winter and cold outside! To stay warm, I have searched high and low for outdoor maternity wear and its either not really outdoor wear (come on, Lululemon was NOT made for trekking around in the snow!), it’s super expensive (and I only really need it for a few months), or it’s not made to fit a body that is trying to create life! So I turned to one of my favorite pair of pants that I have loved since the day I bought them. My Under Armour thermal pants have stayed true and not let me down! They have saved me through this whole pregnancy and made it possible for me to keep my active lifestyle and stay warm when the temperatures drop. I loved these pants before I was pregnant and don’t know what I would do without them! The waist band is stretchy enough to accommodate my growing stomach (because the boy I’m creating insists on getting bigger!), but doesn’t stretch out, so I will be able to wear them again after I lose the baby weight with the same nice fit. If it’s a really cold and snowy day, they are perfect for layering. If the sun is out and it’s only slightly chilly, they are easy to throw on over a thin pair of leggings (and I also admit to putting them on over my pajamas for a quick trip up to the store :), but don’t tell anyone!).

So if you are pregnant, want to keep your active lifestyle during the winter, and still want to be warm and stylish while your out, check out the Under Armour thermal pants! They will take from from prepregnancy through growing a child and long after. They really are my most favorite piece of clothing! And if you want a little bling (because you know you do!), you can’t go wrong with an Olive and Pique hat!


Deacon and I doing a little uplands training today!

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