Dogs with self control!

The recent weather here in Kentucky has been unpleasant to say the  least! It’s not good for critters with two legs, but especially boring for those with four! Since our little bundle of joy decided to bless us with his presence early (another blog post!), I’ve had to come up with fun ways to entertain the dogs without going outside (because obviously you can’t take a baby outside to work dogs in a thunderstorm!). So for that reason, I give you….Dog with incredible self control! This short video is of Deacon going through a base pattern holding a smoked sausage in his mouth! I don’t know if many people who can concentrate on work while holding a delicious food item in their mouth without devouring it, but this dog manages to do it with style. His efforts are rewarded in the end, when he gets the sausage (I’m not a Monster!) and I think we can all take a page from his book. Patients and self control are a virtue….delayed gratification is still ok! Work before play gets you farther and with better food! Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back soon with stories of a baby coming early and how he’s already been integrated into our training program! Have a great weekend 🙂

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