Dog Training: Whistle Sit Progression

Here’s a nice little video to show the progression of training a dog for whistle sits.


We start out with Clementine, who is about five months old and just now progressing beyond her basic obedience. She will be starting her whistle sits on a leash with a slight bit of pressure to pair the whistle with the sit command.

Henry is a young dog, with a ton of obedience training. I would like to do some uplands hunting and testing with him and will need him to learn to move away from the handler and quarter in a field. He started his whistle sits the same way as Clementine, and will now get rewarded for creating more distance between his handler and where he is required to sit.

Deacon is a seasoned dog who has done uplands testing, as well as uplands and quail hunting. He is an example of where the other two will be as their training progresses. He will be whistle sitting after he flushes live birds and will remain steady while being shot over.


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