Popcorn and a Hot Toddy!!!

popcorn toddy

Since it’s National Popcorn Day (yeah, I had no idea either, until I saw it on social media!) and it’s freezing outside, we are celebrating with Everglades Seasoned Popcorn and a Ginger Cinnamon Hot Toddy. Both are super simple to make and will be great enjoyed next to a roaring fire on your next cold evening!

For the popcorn….

I can’t get enough of the Lekue Popcorn Bowl, and if you like popcorn as much as we do, you have to have one! Order your on Amazon here.

Once you’ve made your popcorn, obviously you are free to put whatever toppings you want on it, but today, I am challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Tonight I went with a flavor that my Mom has loved on popcorn and in general cooking for years, Everglades Seasoning. If you don’t have a bottle of this in your kitchen, run out and get on now! If you aren’t lucky enough (like me!) to have relatives in Florida to get you some at the local Publix, you can order some here. Try more than one flavor… I promise you won’t be disappointing!

After making my popcorn with butter in the bowl while it was popping 🙂 , I sprinkled my Everglades Seasoning on liberally and enjoyed!

For the Ginger Cinnamon Hot Toddy

First, I boiled 2 cups of water together with chunks of fresh ginger, 3 tablespoons of honey, two squeezed lemons, and 2 cinnamon sticks. Bring mixture to a boil and then turn down and cover. Let it steep for about 5 minuets.

Next, I added cinnamon sticks and 4 drops of 18-21 Ginger Lemon Tincture (if you don’t have this particular tincture, check out 18-21 Bitters here and order some! In the mean time, don’t worry, you can add some extra squeezed lemon and ginger powder at the end if you need a more intense flavor.)

Strain the boiled mixture into two mugs. Add desired amount of good quality Bourbon and finish with a lemon peel!

These two pair perfectly together and will bring some warmth to your night!


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