This is what I do....train the dog, while raising the kid, all while thinking of how I'm going to create quail crepes when I get home....

This is what I do….train the dog, while raising the kid, all while thinking of how I’m going to create quail crepes when I get home and what cocktail needs to be served with them….

Hey ya’ll! My name is Cally Simpson Jones and I am a dog trainer at Kentucky Canine in Winchester, KY. Technically, I am Stonnie Dennis’ Assistant, but basically, I get paid to play with dogs, so whatever my title may be, my job and life are pretty awesome! I am very fortunate in that I get to work with great dogs, and have some great dogs of my own. This blog is for the adventures (and misadventures ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and inspirations that find me daily. I train dogs for basic pet obedience for a job, but found my niche training hunting dogs. This is after several years of training personal protection dogs, and finding that it wasn’t for me!

While I don’t hunt myself, I find joy in working the dogs and photographing all of the great places I get to visit.ย  I will cook whatever is brought home and usually try to find a way to fuse the southern foods of my roots with cuisines from other cultures. I also enjoy craft cocktails, and will give a installment of Cocktails with Cally each week (good Lord willing!) that will include the recipe and why I like the drink, but also some cook history about how the drink came to be. I’m also a huge history buff, so little tidbits of information find there way into my posts pretty often! I also love entertaining, and will help you to have a great get together and stay on a budget and not want to pull all of your hair out in the process! It’s all about a few details, not a lot of stuff!

With all of this, I am also a new mother. I like to include posts that prove you don’t have give up what you want to do, to be a good mother. I make every effort to take care of my son, while continuing to work and chase my dreams. It’s not always easy, but it is possible to raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted baby while training dogs in the woods and corn fields! He also loves a good trip to liquor store, but only the top shelf isles for him! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will include articles from time to time about what works for me and what doesn’t work and hopefully that will help you navigate the rigors of being a new mother, and not lose yourself in the process.

I have been married to Trevor, the love of my life, since 2010. We were college sweethearts at the University of Kentucky. Go Cats! I grew up in a small town called Punta Gorda, in south Florida, and moved to Kentucky after graduating from high school. I majored in agriculture economics and farm management. I have done a lot from showing horses to raising cattle and pigs. I am always up for an adventure and find inspiration in almost everything I see! I hope you like my articles and find your own inspirations in them to have you own adventures!

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